Coronavirus, COVID-19

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Cluster of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) in the French Alps, 2020

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Very interesting article about the transmission chain in one case. An infected child did not transmit the disease despite close interactions within...

Early Transmission Dynamics in Wuhan, China, of Novel Coronavirus–Infected Pneumonia

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Epidemiological analysis of the first 425 COVID-19 confirmed cases in Wuhan, China. Mention to absence of cases in children below 15 years of age

Spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the Icelandic Population

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Population study in Iceland (n=9,199) among people at high risk of having contracted COVID-19. Mentions low prevalence in children

Detection of Covid-19 in Children in Early January 2020 in Wuhan, China

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Retrospective analysis of 366 cases of children (≤16 years) hospitalized owing to acute respiratory infection

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Italy

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Retrospective analysis of 22,512 cases classified as COVID19+ in Italy. Mentions mortality in children