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A Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in a Pregnant Woman With Preterm Delivery

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 A case of a 30-week pregnant woman with COVID-19 delivering a healthy baby with no evidence of COVID-19

Antibodies in the breast milk of a maternal woman with COVID-19

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Case report of a breastfeeding woman who was positive for SARS-CoV-2 tested in throat swabs but negative tested in other body fluids, and had IgG...

Asymptomatic COVID‐19 infection in late pregnancy indicated no vertical transmission

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Case of an asymptomatic COVID‐19 late pregnant woman with detailed clinical information. No intrauterine infection caused by vertical transmission...

Clinical characteristics and risk assessment of newborns born to mothers with COVID-19

Colección: Coronavirus, COVID-19 Prospective collection and analysis of the clinical features, laboratory data and outcomes of 7 newborns delivered by COVID19+ pregnant women